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Kupcha Marketing Services has led training sessions on the following topics:

  • Proposal Tips and Presentation Development - In this challenging economy, there seems to be an increase of firms competing for fewer projects which leaves a consultant to wonder how one can stand out in a sea of submissions. This will also incorporate tips and lessons learned on preparing responses to Requests for Proposals.

  • Business Writing - Writing well doesn't necessarily mean composing Shakespearean prose but composing effective text to have your message understood by the intended recipient. This session will address correspondence and proposal development.

  • Strategic Marketing​ - This session will provide an overview on what one should consider when pursuing a project, or client. Topics will include go/no-go analysis, marketing funnels and business development cycles.

  • Finding Clients & Building Teams - Whether your firm is certified as an M/WBE sub, a Prime Consultant or a specialty consultant, the challenge is to find work and develop a list of clients that can potentially utilize your firm’s services. In this seminar will build on some of the topics that were covered in “Using Market Research to Prepare an Effective Marketing Plan” but will also integrate steps to effective networking, client relations, targeted teaming and competitive analysis.

  • Getting the Word Out on Your Firm & Accomplishments - Even though some publications are closing their doors, there is still a need for a firm to generate some type of press coverage. In this session, attendees will learn about creating an effective press list, which means of publicity will give a firm more bang for its buck and developing an effective social media program.

  • Using Market Research to Prepare an Effective Marketing Plan -It is commonly said that a fail to plan is a plan to fail. A firm that has a marketing plan in place and adheres to it has a greater chance of achieving its goals. An effective plan consists of items that are the results of targeted research and tied to various metrics. In this seminar, attendees will learn about research methods that can be incorporated and which components are crucial to a marketing plan.

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